"Rehma" is a blend of the Arabic word "Rahma" and the Swahili word "Rehema". The word means Mercy.

When Kelvin took over coaching the soccer team, they had an Islamic team name that had been inherited from years prior. Wanting to give the boys some ownership over the team and a chance to make a more neutral name, he allowed them to choose a new team name. The next day, they came to him having agreed on the name Rehma. Thus, ‘The Rehma Boys’ began. After that, all the programs were under the name Rehma including Nikole’s young woman’s group, named ‘The Rehma Ladies’.

The name stuck and became well known in the community. The youth took the name and used it for businesses they started, tournaments they organized, and groups they belonged to.

People now associate it with the good work that is empowering the young people in the community.