In a community where destructive habits like drugs, drinking, and violence run ramped, keeping youth busy in something constructive is necessary. Sports teams and tournaments are a great outlet for youth to be involved.

Sports teams are usually our first form of contact with the youth which then develops into a larger mentorship program and more access to school sponsorships. We build up and support local coaches who then can reach their own players and mentor them.

Rehma Community Football Tournament

Every year, The Rehma Project sponsors a community wide football tournament bringing together 28 teams from various communities to play. Teams are awarded jerseys, soccer balls, cleats, trophies, and gift vouchers to the local supermarkets. As well, a handful of players are awarded school scholarships based on their performance on the field and in the community. These scholarships are not only for boys, but teams chose a girl from their communities to receive a school scholarship as well. This communal venture has opened a door for us to promote girl child education and development in a community where working with girls or women is still uncultured.

Looking Ahead

Beginning 2017, our target is to have two tournaments each year-one on Easter and another over Christmas. One tournament budget can cost up to CAD$2000. Apart from health, moral and social norms derived in this venture, with your donation, we are able to sponsor a child’s education, support teams, and evangelize. Rehma Community Football Tournament is also an avenue for us to recruit devoted mentors, and raise awareness on GOD’s extensive gift of Salvation. Freely we have received, freely we give. We also seek to partner with coaches in promoting girls soccer teams so that they may have the same opportunities as boys.