In 2010, Kelvin was asked to coach a young men’s soccer team in the community he grew up in. He took on the task not realizing that it was more than just a coaching gig; it was a commission to love on and empower the youth of his own community. As he spent every day coaching these young men, he began to see the huge needs they were facing. Alongside Nikole, they created different programs focused on giving the youth the skills to make a living. Kelvin mentored the young men on a one-on-one basis, helping them to navigate what life was throwing at them, all the while pointing them to God. In 2012, Nikole began a similar mentorship program for young women in the community.

Together they have worked with hundreds of youth providing one-on-one mentorship, schools sponsorships, scholarships, business education, life-skill trainings, bible studies, health relief and education, sports teams and tournaments, and employment.

The Rehma Project now serves hundreds of youth in the community of Kongowea focusing on mentorship, health, education and sports.